[SERVICE] Resource Pack Making

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  1. What is this: I am making resource packs for people who want their own textures on certain blocks, entities, and/or items.

    How do I participate: post a thread after this, clearly stating which blocks/items/entities you want to change and what changes would you like. Post this multiple times if you want multiple changes. After this is posted, I will reply to the thread you posted saying if this can be made, and will start the making after you payed. When the pack is ready, I will send you a PM, which contains the link to the resource pack.

    What should I pay: 100 rupees for every texture you want to change,
    EX: 1 pig texture for 100r, 1 pig texture and 1 dirt block texture for 200r, and so on.

    Thank You:)

  2. Creeper Pig
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  3. Pig Creeper
  4. Can you make a complete texture pack?
  5. Can you send packs in PM instead of email? You can post links in PMs.
  6. Yes, but it will cost a lot
  7. Could you give me a site where I can post my files?
  8. Dropbox is a great one ;)
  9. And if it's a yes I've got one I'd like. (Also, animations?)
  10. Sure, ill try to get on
  11. How much we talking?
  12. like, 10k ? its for 100 textures
  13. Great, let me think of something I would like! :)
  14. Welp, looks like dropbox isn't working on a windows compter, ill try planetmc
  15. Weird...Try mediafire.
  16. Done, I now have a mediafire account and can directly upload links, thank you.:)
  17. Can you make a sleak modern/rustic medieval complete texture pack? Like Soartex Fanver or Flow HD? Mixed with some John Smith?

    And how far wil 50k get me?
  18. Which one? Sleak modern or rustic medieval? 50k will get you the whole resource pack.
  19. A bit of a combo or a mixup between both xD Modern with a medieval touch :p