[Service] Repairing Tools/Armour

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  1. Tech's Repairing Service

    Tools Price
    Levels 1-15 - 450r
    Levels 16-29- 650r
    Levels 30-39- 950r

    Armour Price
    Levels 1-15 - 800r
    Levels 16-29- 1000r
    Levels 30-39- 1200r

    Cost depends on the amount of enchantment levels needed.
    Place an order either in this thread or through pm.
    I will then tell you how much it will cost. When payment is made I can either pick it upfrom a residence or receive it via mail.

    Order Example:
    Item 1: Diamond Pickaxe. Eff 5, Unbr 3
    Item 2:Diamond Chestplate. Prot 4
    Pickup or Mail: Pickup at res 11111 on smp5 or Via Mail
    Drop off Location: 11111 on smp5

    Drop Off:
    When the item is done I will drop it off at the res listed in your order.
    If I cannot find a chest I will contact you and drop it off when a chest is setup.

    Your item will get repaired once payment is made.
    If payment is not made within 7 days the item will be returned to you.
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  2. Cool, I have like 9 picks that might need repairing soon...
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  3. Is there a maximum number of things we can get repaired? I have like 30 picks with under 50 durability sitting around that are all level 39...
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  4. There is no maximum but if I get overloaded I will halt more orders.
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  5. Item 1: Efficiency V Unbreaking III Diamond Pick
    Item 2: Efficiency V Unbreaking III Silk Touch I Diamond Pick
    Item 3: Efficiency IV Unbreaking III Silk Touch I Diamond Pick
    Item 4: Efficiency V Unbreaking III Diamond Pick
    Item 5: Efficiency IV Unbreaking III Fortune III Diamond Pick
    Pickup or Mail: Mailing to you in about 30 seconds of posting
    Drop off Location: 3110 on SMP2
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  6. I like this :) ill need my sword repaired soon
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  7. Item 1:
    Diamond sword. Sharp 5, Unbr 3, Knock 2, Fire 2, looting 3
    Pickup or Mail: Pickup at res 17369 on smp8
    Drop off Location: 17396 on smp8
    Total: 950r
    (note) when you are ready to pick up the sword let me know in game or on the forms (i prefer ingame) because I am in the wasteland atm so just let me know when your ready (im only a few blocks out)
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  8. Pickup chest not located. You have to have a chest with an access sign somewhere on your res. Preferably at the spawn point of your res.

    EDIT: Wrong address. Correct Address: 17396
  9. hehe sorry about that

  10. If you are wondering why armour prices are more than tools prices it is because to repair armour you need more diamonds. Therefore the cost of repairing armour must be higher than repairing tools.
  11. Yes and how many R is the armor? (for those 3)
  12. 2800r.
  13. Ok ill pay right now
  14. Your order is done. :)
  15. Thank you! :)
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  16. Your order is done.:)
  17. Thanks!
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