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  1. QuickEquip is indefinitely closed.
  2. EDIT: I deleted my post, but nobody is lazy enough to buy a full set of diamond tools to equip, also it is slightly faster, and cheaper just to make your own "QuickEqip" system at your house.
  3. Take a look at the Marketplace rules:
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  4. QuickEquip has been updated!


    Increased price by 50r
    Added Water Bucket
    Added 2 Mushroom Stew
    Added 5 Logs
  5. QuickEquip has been updated!


    Lowered price by 250r for 4th of July sale.
  6. Erm, you've written all that, but you haven't actually said what this is or how it works.
  7. Read the description.
  8. Oh, I did thank you.
    But it doesn't say how it does that.
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  9. After the edit, yes.
  10. You could just come see it in person. I'll give you backdoor redstone access, if you like.
  11. I'll just take your word for it.
    Perhaps a screenshot of it could also be put in.
  12. There's not really much to screenshot. I could take a screenshot of the lobby, but that's about it (since the equip process is very quick and all you really see is dispensers)
  13. I tried it and it works(I didn't get anything but the diamond armor and tools/sword) my only suggestion for it is to make the redstone current a little slower so people can see what is happening.
  14. When exactly did this happen? I've set up telepads to teleport players from the diamond tools/armor station to the logs, wood, and stew station automatically, but this may have happened before I set those up (and before I advertised that I was building them). If and when I get un-permabanned, I'd be happy to give you your extra items (and if you purchased this before the 4th of July, the 250r off)

    In my opinion, the convenience is a big factor in QuickEquip. It may be nice the first time around, but other times players just want their stuff.
  15. Did you get unbanned already?
  16. Yep. There was an issue with QuickEquip (it doesn't work 100% of the time), and it didn't work for minecraftgirl30, so she reported me for scamming. I've resolved it, paid her back, etc.
  17. Seeing as QuickEquip is indefinitely closed, locking this thread. :)
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