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  1. Welcome to
    Quick and Easy
    A service by Rupees

    Need something a shop just can't provide? Or want to pay less for the same item? Order from Quick and Easy! I get all my own materials, meaning I can sell at an extremely low price. I can get most items, items I can not obtain will be listed below.

    Order Form
    Time Need By:
    Mail or Pick up (Mail price will be included in the price):

    Prices are determined by the time it takes me to get the item and how many of that specific item I have in stock.

    Items currently on my blacklist
    Dragon Fragments/Stones

    Current Promos in Stock
    Cupid Spawn Egg (3)
    Cupid's Bow (3)
    Lucky Bow
    Magical Eggcellent Wand (2)
    Pot o Gold (2)

    You may order these with the regular order form.

    No more than a DC per order
    No more than one active order
  2. Question-
    How much would a DC of each type of wool be?
  3. I forgot to mention I don't do more than a DC per order.
  4. How much for a DC of multi colored wool?
  5. Which colors specifically?
  6. I am just curious, how much for the E.C.S.D?
  7. 30,000
  8. 1)What would be the price of a DC of carrots or potato's? ..with pickup..
  9. 2,600 for the carrots
  10. Okay. That's almost 50r per stack. That is to high for me.