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  1. Hey EMC! I have decided to build a few cacti farms of my reses! But I cant do it alone! I need your help to finish them! I currently only have one res with the dirt gone! Can EMC donate enough to remove the other 2 reses of dirt? These Farms will be free of use to anyone! (One they are finished) This project will take around 4 months and 600k to finish! Items Needed For Completion/Donations:
    Jack O' Lanterns: I Need About 40 DCs
    Torches: 20 DCs
    Pumpkins: 20 DCs
    Sand: 4 DCs
    Glowstone: 5 DCs
    Glass: 50 DCs
    Around 4 DCs Of Hoppers
    Or To Help With Dirt Removals: Rupees! (Any Amount Is Fine)
    Items Can Be Dropped Off For Donations At 17442 On SMP8!
    Remember: Every Little Thing, Goes A Long Way!

    One Picture To Start Off With:


    I Will Keep You Guys Updated On The Farms! I Hope To Have Them Finished In 4 Months!
    As I Build The Farms, I Will Make A List Of Who Has Donated What! Please Post If You Have Donated! Stay Turned For That List!

    Come To 17598 On SMP8, do /v 17598@out and jump down the hole to see the progress!

    Donation List:
    AsternFlyer624: 3,000r
    cadenman2002: 30,000r
    SteveClasher: 21,000r
    khixan: Sand
    H00D: Pumpkins (SC)
    georgeashington: Glass
    Doggie45: Glass, Coal, Rupees, Pumpkins
    khixan/Qkazoo07: Packed Ice
    Jstclair41: Cactus, Pumpkins, Rupees

    I would like to thank Dwight for doing all 3 of my dirt removals! He was very fast of doing so. (He broke the sidewalk)
    Thanks to those who donated, i was able to have all 3 done in one day! This is why I love EMC!
  2. I probably got some glowstone laying about! got any quantities in mind for the build?!?!
    I visited the res, looks like a good start!
  3. quantities???? For what???
  4. all the listed materials goes in the cactus farm?
  5. Sure does!
  6. Amazing News! All of that dirt is gone!!! Now all that is left is to finish the farms! I still need your help! Rupee donations are still welcomed, they will be used to hold reverse auctions for the materials i need! Also you can donate from the list above at 17442! (This is a bump as well!)
  7. Bump! Great Progress, Since Many People Have Donated! List Updated To Current Donators!
  8. Where is these farms?
  9. Just a question: What are you using 20 DCs of torches for?
  10. Cactus doesn't need light to grow.
  11. I know it doesn't need light, its just so people can see. 20 DCs of torches because I need Jack O' Lanterns. The First Farm is at 17598@out and jump down the hole.
  12. Sorry
  13. You Are Fine, No Harm Done!
  14. Seems like a nice project going on here. ;)