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  1. Infinity Outpost Presents...
    Pop-Up Shops

    Do you have a bulk of items that you want to sell, but don't want to bother with an auction? Do you want to have a whole bunch of stuff you want to sell but don't want to maintain your own shop? Do you have a few special items that you want to get rid of but don't have a way to sell them? Then you are in luck!

    What is this?
    Every Friday, 4 different people can set up shop at /v +infinity (10285) on smp5. These 4 people are welcome to sell anything and everything they want for the entire weekend. Once the weekend is over, the shop is closed, they collect what didn't sell, and the shop is prepared for the next 4 people for the following weekend!

    I will advertise the event for each weekend, and I will update this thread every Thursday as to who's shops will be present, what they are selling, and for how much. If you want to advertise too, feel free!

    Why do I want to sell my goods here?
    This residence is a hub I am creating for all the PUBLIC farms I am making (open villager trading, wheat, carrot, potato, pumpkin, melon, snow, ice, flower). It will be a very high traffic area without these special shops here. Once this gets rolling off the ground I am hoping to have a high traffic area just for people to come see what is new and selling each week.

    What will this cost?
    Absolutely nothing. This is a free service that I am offering. It is on a first come first serve basis. Space is set up for 4 people right now. This MAY grow in the future, but I want to keep the people. You keep all the profits. All you need to do is come fill your chests, place your shop signs, sell your stuff, and collect what didn't sell after Sunday!

    What can I sell?
    In order to keep people from wasting my time, theirs, and blocking someone with a substantial amount of items to sell. There will be a few rules as to what will qualify you to claim a spot.
    1. Auction rules apply as per what items can be sold. Can be found HERE

    2. Must have a minimum of 5 chests of goods. If you need more... that's awesome, and will be accommodated.

    3. Please keep only the same items in each chest. (EX: Please don't mix various promos into the same chest, don't fill half a chest with one item, and half with another, etc)

    4. Unless there are vacant spots, you can only host a shop once a month.

    I'm in... how do I let you know I want a spot!
    That's easy, fill out THIS FORM. The first 4 people will get a PM from me, access signs will be posted the appropriate steps will be taken for them to be ready for business on Friday at midnight!

    If you don't get a spot, don't worry. Just apply again for another date. I will keep an updated calendar in this thread as to who is selling each weekend!

    How long do I have to collect my unsold items after the weekend is over?
    I'm glad you asked. You have until the start of the next time the shop opens, unless you specifically tell me otherwise in a PM on the boards. If anything is left unclaimed, it will go into an "ACCESS: Everyone" chest and will be for anyone to grab on a first come, first serve basis at the start of the next shop opening. I will NEVER personally keep any of the items. This is for the community.

    My hopes are that there will NEVER be any items left over for people to have to collect. Hopefully, all shops will sell out each weekend.

    When can I fill up my Chests if I'm signed up for the coming weekend?
    Access signs will be set up the previous Wednesday at midnight. There will be a sign in each chest where you are able to set up your shop!

    If my items run out, am I able to refill?
    Absolutely. I will only advertise what you submit in the form. However, you can keep filling up all you want throughout the weekend. Let's say you have a dc of potions, you can keep throwing potions into the chests as they sell to make as much money as you can during your 3 days.
  2. Calendar

    May 6-8
    1. Eviltoade
    2. ShrinkingMatt

    May 13-15
    1. AmusedStew

    May 20-22

    May 27-29
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