[service] Pixel art

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  1. For only 500R You could get your very own pixel art!

    Using Wool/Carpets you can get your very own pixel art!

    Including Blocks! (Ill even make the block 3D!)

    Pixel Art Request Format

    Res Number:______
    Item ID:______

    NOTE: I will only be doing blocks/items from Minecraft
    No other game/tvshow

    I also provide my own wool
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  2. and for supporters/admin/staff its free!
  3. Hi itsanicesunnyday!

    I am looking for pixel artists to enter a small piece in a contest I'm having. If you are offering free for supporters, perhaps you would be interested in participating, you would be welcome to add a link to your services with your valid entry. link
  4. just finished stellaeriksen's secret dog statue! dog.png
  5. i will now be doing animal face (3D or 2D)
  6. i will be doing pokeball pixel arts from pokemon (yw ChrisFlareon)