[SERVICE] Pixel art :D

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  1. So I have this cool program that helps you convert photos into pixel art ( not automatically ) so ill take some requests. I can make the dimensions 60 by 60 or 120 by 120 ( blocks of corse ). So, just post links to photos you want me to convert and such :D

    For now it's free... If I get some hard ones I might have to charge a little fine for my time, but otherwise it's a free service :D

    If you want an example of what I have done, 10051 smp5

    2D also btw :p
  2. I Would Like one :)
  3. Er, so are you making these for people, or are you just converting the images?

  4. could you do this dont want it to be full res but would like about 72 high
  5. Ok. You have to realize the lines won't be as curvy and smooth, but I'll try. Also, I'll completely design the front, but for the back, just the skirt, since that's all that changes.
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  6. Tell me what you want :D
    Images, people, as long as its a 2D images I'll try my best :D
  7. This looks like a great service! I currently don't need any pixel art done at the moment, but I have a plan in mind for some. :)
  8. Will you do a coca-cola bottle for me (glass one) i will pay you 1000r just for your time :) if you say yes ill om you the details :p
  9. Hey Minner, I'd like to help if possible. :)
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  10. Ok, I'll work.
    Maybe :p
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  11. Front done :D Tomorrow Ill do the back :D

    Next in line :D
  12. Can you post pictures of the projects requested here?
  13. Yup :D
  14. I Want one of giant popcorn :D
  15. Ok 3rd on the list :)
  16. Vacation.... Although I could get it done faster if you could find me a pic of just her back
  17. I'll order one please =) ill pm you what I want