[Service] Nordic Building Services

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  1. Hey i have been on this server quite long and have finally found something i like doing.

    What ill be doing?
    Ill be offering to build people some of my favorite Nordic builds. Some people might of seen them on my res's.

    What i will build you and the price?

    Scout Tower 2k (This is on res 17261)
    Small House 1k
    Big House 2k
    Large House 4k
    Bakery 5k (This is on res 17260)
    Brewery 5k (and this is on res 17260)

    I can be trusted so if anyone is looking to have something built at an outpost i will be happy to as long as it is less then 10k out or a quick route
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  2. Can you do a small house?
  3. i can you can pm me and give me the res and stuff