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When i used NiForBS i was this happy:

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  1. NiForBS
    Nile Forum Buying Service
    Ok so we all use Amazon (or at least know of it) right?
    Well we all pay to have it shipped to our homes, so this winter I realized that I had more money then time being only able to play a bout 45 min a day so I thought wouldn't it be great if I could just order what I wanted and have it shipped strait to my home? So the idea of NiForBS was born! So how we work is we take your order of the item that you order and ship it to you! We charge shipping and handling but the fees are very small.

    So here's how it will work: I will charge about the average from Azoundria.com but that may be 100% accurate as Azoundria.com has the best deals which some are not available to me.

    So I will expand on this later but pleas use me for your Forum Buying!

    Hunter @: gladranger7
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  2. !!!!!!UPDATE!!!!!!
    Ok for now our products are diamonds and emeralds! Emeralds are 40r a piece and Diamonds are 125 per piece! Plz don't buy more than one stack! and here's what's cool I will craft armor of the diamonds and then send that for u so free crafting included!

    For the first three people to make an order only:

    FREE shipping and handling! you only pay for the materials! plz leave a review!
  3. Could you include the types of items you offer and how much they cost? :)
    *edit - perhaps I read this wrong, is this just a shipping service for the items a player has already won at auction?
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  4. no not really say u order a item but don't have time bc u want to go mine u have the diamond pick shipped to your door to save the time of going finding a good deal and getting back let me do that! my items are just about everything but I will use the reserved bit for that... but I'm in school right now.
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  5. This also could be used by suppliers and buyers with the business as a medium of transport. One thing is that people will need to have a mailbox
  6. no I really do mail it using the mail service. but I can do that too :)
  7. Mailing might get a little expensive as it is 100r per stack mailed. Also you can only mail 5 different items at a time
  8. ik but if they have a mail box it would save them that fee :)
  9. bump updated the item list!
  10. If you plan on doing potions, I would suggest listing what type you sell. :)
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