[SERVICE] New Excellent Wool Farm Free Use

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  1. Hello, Everyone This post is to show budha's new free service come shear all these 500 sheep whenever u feel like u can access to wool farm at /v +freewool or /v budha1992 wool and u can even access it in the wool section of the mall!
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  2. Sweet!!!
  3. Awesome!

    ...though it'd be more awesome if it had all the colors of wool available. >.>
  4. I will help him fix that soon
  5. Lol how many res u got?
  6. Never built with wool on EMC, might swing by and grab some then make the Rainbowchin temple.
  7. The one that was "loaned" out can be built on and I can egg the bunnies for the mall.

    Edit: i was going to charge 50k a month for rent to loan it out, you can cover that right? ;-)
  8. Lol yeah with my free wool farm
  9. one: I don't need yo wool farm. Point 2: now there will be sheep baa-ing next to my home all the time. Think of it as a noise pollution fee lol. :p not to mention its an extra res ;) All of this in jest of course. I know if you don't pay me I can just take it out of your wallet when you aren't looking lol.
  10. it would save me more in the long run to buy another accound and get diamond for one month and get 4 more res
  11. Wool prices
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