[SERVICE] Nether's Repair Service

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  1. Nether's Repair Services!

    Have you ever just wished you had enough exp. to repair your tools, weapons, or even armor?
    Do you have time to go out and find a spawner or make a grinder?

    Well you don't have to!

    Nether's Repair Services makes your equipment good as new! I will repair all of your gear for you this includes: Tools, Weapons, and Armors! I ask for a small fee in return and the goods to repair for instance, 8 Diamonds to repair a Diamond Chest Plate, and 10r per level to do so!

    Here's a small and easy to fill out form for you to fill out:

    Item (Sword, Pick, Shovel, etc.):
    Type (Diamond, Iron, Gold, Leather, Stone, Wood):
    Levels (This does get checked before hand off by the owner, you):
    Name (Username):
    Deadline (At least 24 hours):


    • If your item is named I cannot guarantee it will have the same name.
    • If you would like your item renamed as well as repaired please post it in the other option when filling out the form.
    • An access sign will be set up for on res number 18751 on SMP9 for you to put your item(s) in when you have filled out a form and posted it here.
    • I do not answer PM's do not expect me to take order's there.
    • If you see me in game and ask me to repair for you I will refuse, once again I only take order's here.
    • I do not enchant Items, so please do not ask.
    • As stated before you must supply the items to make the repair, that means the exact amount of diamonds to repair a sword will be 2 (sticks do not have to be included but they are preferred to be)
    • I don't deliver to other servers, you must drop off and pick up when complete.

    Thank you for taking the time to use my service all items will be returned to their rightful owners once I am complete. :)


  2. The spoiler at the end doesmt work. :) nice business though. I have stuff needing repair, when I find what they are I will use this :)
  3. It does but no customers yet :p
  4. Just like to point out, you state 8 diamonds for a diamond chest plate repair, you can cut that down to 4 if you put just diamonds in the anvil. not the chest.
  5. For a full repair like from least durability to max?
  6. Correct, Go and try it :)
  7. stick wouldnt be required either just fyi the max any item will need to be fully repaired is 4 diamonds and 39 levels
  8. Wow you're right!

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  9. Yes but for tools it only takes 3 diamonds at most and at most 2 sticks. Uses less diamonds, I had no idea about the armor though...
  10. still only diamonds for tools also and god picks take 4 diamonds and 39 levels also
  11. By god picks I assume you mean: Fortune 3 or Silk with EFF 5 or 3? Or do you mean something different??
  12. un3 eff5 with silk or fort
    would classify as a god pick
    as woul dub 3 and eff 5 but it cost less to repair
  13. Yeha but couldnt you use 3 diamonds make a pick then use that pick to repair a god pick to normal with 39 levels?
  14. Alright chests are set up surprised no one's using this :p Nah I'm jking I'm just bored atm.
  15. Seeing Stew's Repair Co. reminded me of mine :p BUMP!