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    I have a res in development in town that I am hiring help for.
    I have rough outlines or concepts for most of the rooms, and I've actually built some of them. I'm hiring someone to either build some of these rooms or to fix up the ones I've done by adding patterns, color, or whatever.
  2. I will build a few models for you to look at, If you like them you can use them for free so long as I am credited in the build. I can help with building if you like but my time on the server is quite unplanned so trusting me with the entirety of the build would be difficult. Also post some more information about what you are looking for so I can make some more accurate designs.
  3. I'm not sure how to explain it concisely.
    I am concerned with the view of the residence from town roads and neighboring plots.
    The one res build will be a castle with a moat and drawbridge. I imagine it to be mostly stone and dark oak planks, maybe some chiseled stone bricks and such, but I'm open. I generally know what I want, but the proportions and patterns keep eluding me. I might want the entire castle roofed in some way, like a keep, so that the main teleport room can be directly in front of the drawbridge entrance. This res will be a shop.

    The 4-res build is a much more open project. I don't have the 4 reses just yet, so it would just be in creative mode.
    I have pretty well planned out the shape and size of the main teleport room which incorporates the road, but I don't know what materials to use or a theme to go with. The res will be for fun, so it should be relatively cheerful.

    It'd be best to talk to me 1 on 1 in-game if you're gonna take it on.
  4. Ok, I'll come and talk if I need anything cleared up, what smp are you usually on?
  5. smp1

    Darksniper2000 has something like what I imagined on smp7, only I wanted the drawbridge angled upward (with slabs) and less of those 'A' shaped roofs and more squares. I also imagined it taller, but I don't know how well that will work on a 60x60. I also wanted a more detailed outer wall, with stone, circle stone, dark oak walkways, and such.
  6. I've sort of started on another attempt at 2345.
  7. Your current entrance.[/IMG]

    My proposed entrance.[/IMG]
  8. Ok the job has changed somewhat.
    I have an outside and general outlines and concepts for the inside, but I'm no artist.
    I need someone who can help me make medeival themed rooms or spruce up the ones I build.
    Among the things I want is an enderdragon made of blocks, lying down and a large vault door.

    /v 2345
  9. you got it man, the dragon is not my forte but I'll look into it. I can also help decorate some interior rooms if you like.
  10. :D come visit on smp1, I'll give you the tour.
    I'm not dead set on the dragon, depending on the possible size of it.
  11. bump..
    I'm planning to spend 100's of thousands on this for work I keep.
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