[SERVICE] Need Villagers or Cobble

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What should I add to make this deal better

50 per story 4 vote(s) 100.0%
50 per generators normally 3 vote(s) 75.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Right now I am offering a service that I'm hoping you will love! Right now for only 100 rupees you can have a villager breeder of your own! But if you want a multiple story villager breeder the price per floor cuts to only 50 rupees! So if you buy a 3 story villager breeder for only 200 rupees! I myself love villager breeders because of trading so my 3 story breeder produces about 70 villagers a day. The only thing you have to do is leave 3 in each floor. For an extra 50 rupees I van make a villager trading area where you can get emeralds fast. But lets say you don't want that but you do need cobble. Normaly that would cost 100 rupees but with the purchase of a villager breeder you can get one for 50 rupees. Soon after I make that you will be loaded with cobble and villagers. So just leave a reply if your interested and if I'm online message me! The only thing you have to do is supply I will tell you exactly what I need. Also for the villager breeders the more doors and beds you put in the room the more villagers you will end up with! Thanks for reading and hopefully I will building you something soon.

    (Note: without purchase of villager breeder cobble generator is 100 rupees.)
  2. Bigwallo'text.

    CBA to read this stuff..... How is your Cobble Generators? Pistons? and stuff? how many blocks?How fast per second?
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  3. Well my cobble generators are ver efficient at a low cost with one repeater you can get up to 48 in maybe 5 seconds and it only takes 1 lava 4 water 4 pistons and about 15 red stone. Plus 1 red stone torch and lever I'm happy your interested!
  4. What is the limit on floors for the villager spawner?
  5. I need a villager farm. How many will 2 stories produce? Will you supply material? What is the length and width of the farm?
  6. As much as your will ing to pay and supply for practically.Ill say maybe 20 stories because it might pass the entity limit with too much, jrlizard.
  7. so how much would 10 stories be for price? and do the buyers produce stuff?

    Edit: Never mind read the whole thing
  8. the villager size depond on how big you want it in width. But 2 stories might produce 40-50 villagers a day with enough materials (doors and beds) and I don't supply but neither are too costly.
  9. Well it would be 650 rupees and you would supply.
  10. When would you be able to create a 10 story villager spawner? And what would the Item requirements be?
  11. Well jrlizard I would not be able to do that all in one day the require mental would be what ever you want the outside to be made off and with beds and doors the more the more villagers it will spawn I recommend a lot. On my 3 story one it is so tall I get more than 64 per day so really it's all up to you :)
  12. Would you be able to start tonight?
  13. How many doors will you need for 2 floors?
  14. Hey sorry for the long reply internet crashed but it really depends on you the more doors and beds the faster they breed :) and i ment arent
  15. You do realize that a multiple story Villager breeding wont work right?
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  16. No equinox i have mad eone that works i promise that i get over 64 a day it isnt connected per floor but you can walk up outside of the actual breeder
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  17. The only way to breed is if the block above the door "sees" the sky. But I believe you and if it really does work then thats cool :)
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  18. Not as efficient as a smoothstone generator.