[Service] Monentus/Marlix clean up crew (I just want drops)

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  1. Hey so the other day I realized I love killing mobs boss's. Now the other day well having the huge amount of crashes me and a couple friends were fight 3 momentus's what a battle! Slot of people lost stuff that day. Well anyways I will come take care of momentus problems you might have. All I ask is that I get to keep the drops. Please try to contact me on SMP9 or on this thread but I won't check this very much as my computers bad.
  2. So if Momentus/Marlix is killing us and we can't take it you come and kill them and get the drops?
  3. yes that is correct
  4. Um... why do you get the drops, it seems unfair that we put time and effort into attempting a kill on Momentus/Marlix and we don't get the drops. However, if this does come successful I wish you a good luck!
  5. I might buy drops ;) As you already know about the voucher halland!
  6. Working on that at my base. But i need to repair armour again -_-
  7. Yeah, I always get bored having to repair it...Good luck on the drops!