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  1. Mod making Service
    By : BugsyWPfeiffer

    Example Mod:
    Click up there

    50% ALL MODS through Febuary 10th
    Versions Available : Currently we only have 1.6.4
    Mods can Add :
    Creative Tabs
    Fluid ( Water & Lava Example )
    More Coming Soon ( Workingon Biomes, and Mobs )
    Pricing :
    The Pricing is determined by how many attributes you add to the game. The Pricing below is for EACH attribute you add.
    Item : 250 rupees
    Block : 250 rupees
    100 rupees to make it generate naturally
    Plant : 250 rupees
    100 rupees to make it generate naturally
    Food : 350 rupees
    cannot drop from mobs yet or be farmed from plants YET
    Tools : 500 rupees.
    ( Sword, Axe, Ect. )
    Creative Tab : 100 rupees
    ( Only Blocks and Items will appear here )
    Armor : 150 rupees per piece ( Helmet, Legging, Ect. )
    500 rupees full set
    Fluid : 650 rupees
    Recipe : Only 50 rupees
    NEW :
    Biome : 1000 rupees
    Structure ( trees too ) : 750 rupees
    100 rupees to make it generate naturally
    Add GUI to a Block : 1000 rupees
    Add Particles to a Block : 50 rupees
    Order Away :)
    If the prices are too high, just tell me, and be honest. Its programming.
    Tell me if I should add Pictures, or show the java Code!
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  2. mmmmm
    program you're using?
  3. Javascript
  4. Like what Minecraft Uses, Java
    That how Im about to say More is Coming because I have to figure out how to make more...
  5. Whoop, didn't mean program... I've been messing around with animations. :p

    But, as soon as you manage to be able to make mods for 1.7.2, I'll be sure to buy. :3
  6. I prob. won't any time soon, sorry... 1.7 changed the script completely!

    So prob. for the next 2 months its only 1.6.4

  7. Im a mod devoper too!
    Search my username on google
  8. Ok !
    Would you like to buy a mod?
  9. Saw your mod, Easy!
  10. I am able to show you the java code or pictures
  11. FYI: There is many a difference between Java and Javascript. :)
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  12. I know, want a mod?
  13. excuse me?
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  14. XD, but serious, would you like a mod?
  15. 50% All Mods!
  16. Ill get a mod or two if you can provide me with a 1.6.4 .jar
  17. Are you referring to the API? I believe there is an online repository where you can download previous APIs...
  18. Remember that if you post a lot in a row very quickly, a lot of people may become a bit annoyed. Use the edit button in the bottom left to edit your post if you need to add more information.

    If you can make a simple recipe mod for making chainmail armor, I will buy it. Use whatever recipe make sense to you.
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  19. if i can code i dont need one :3
  20. Not sure how you can make mods for Minecraft using Javascript... Minecraft is made in Java not Javascript. I don't think it will work.

    Got any examples?
    And please don't say: "Want a mod?!" to everyone that just comments
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