[Service] LeoV's House Building Service.

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  1. LeoV's house building service.

    Do not send in orders.
    Want a nice house but don't have the time to build one? Follow the steps below.
    Main designs:
    Design 1:
    Click Here
    Design 2:
    Click Here

    (More to be added soon)
    All houses designed by LeoV
    A = You provide materials
    B = I provide materials
    Design 1
    A = 4500r
    B = 6000r

    Design 2
    A = 5800r
    B = 7000r
    Custom Design
    Price depends on what you need building.

    If you want a house built, send me a PM that includes:
    -Design you want
    -Pack A/Pack B
    -Price range (Set design prices can't be changed)
    -Image of the house you want (If you choose custom design)
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