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  1. NOTICE: Postponed until already queued orders are completed. Hello my friend skyman1212 and I are starting up a order company. This means we will take orders for the items below. The time will vary on how long it takes to complete your order. You may order up to 5 DCs of an item. For obsidian, you may only order up to 1 DC, for this takes much time and money to mine. If you need an item not listed, you can request it to me on this thread and I'll see if I can get it for you.


    Cobblestone: DC 1.5k SC 1k
    Stone Brick: DC 3k SC 2k
    Stone: DC 3k SC 2k
    Obsidian: DC 40k SC 20k
    Wheat: DC 1.5k SC 750r
    Potato: DC 1.5k SC 750r
    Baked Potato: DC 2k SC 1k
    Carrot: DC 1.5k SC 750r
    Sugarcane: DC 1k SC 500r
    Enderpearls: DC 1.5k SC 750r

    How to order an item:

    What Item you are Ordering:
    How much of that Item:
    The Total Price:

    Pickup Residence:

    Once the order is done, we will notify you on this thread and the pickup location will be res 18623 on smp9. When you spawn at the res, just hop onto the tp pad to take you to the third floor (its on the left), where you can then hit the button to go to the order facility. An access sign will be placed above your chest. Plz pay me (karatekick2001) before taking the items inside. Thank you.
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