[Service] KJH'S Mob Grinding Service.

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  1. Hello everyone this service is making your mob spawners into a successful Mob Grinder for you to get free stuff.
    And i supply the materials

    PLEASE start a conversation for a farm posting in the page may be ignored.

    Prices and what i do.

    Iron Farm: FREE IRON, Cells version 2k for a cell each.
    Spider Grinder: 1.2k
    Zombie Grinder: 1k
    Skeleton Grinder: 1.5k
    Gold farm: 20k: reason really hard to build but i can build one for you.

    If you want to have two or more spawners into one grinder please pm me also for that.
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  2. Interested, how much iron per hour can an iron farm get you per cell? Like if there was 1 cell or 5 cells etc.

    Also do you supply mats for iron farm?
  3. 1 cell= 1 every 3 mintes
    2 cells= 2 every 3 mintes etc
  4. Also, assuming this is jl2579's design, I think one cell gets you a golem every 6 minutes.

    (Source- minecraft wiki - 4 cells gets you an iron golem every 1.5 minutes).
  5. Update
    Iron Farms and Gold farms will take estimate a month to build

    I am willing to have helpers, KJHarmy possible wont if there are lasy or busy xD
  6. What are the gold farm rates, and is slabbing included?
  7. Sh :)
  8. Yes slabs are inclued i will say a Pigman will fall all the time if you are in the farm.
  9. PS: Please read my home page
  10. Are mats included for iron farms
  11. No dont have to but you can if you want to make it pretty :)
  12. Update
    Iron Farms and Gold have to be supplied by you not me as it takes to long especially with vaults and stuff sorry
  13. So we have to supply mats for a iron farm? Well I was actually planning to buy one until I read that :(
  14. xHaro_Der KJH may be able to vault all the items over if you pay him a bit extra for the hassle of doing so, just see what he can do and if it works for him :) ~FDNY21