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  1. Hello Guys,

    Some of you may remember but I had a Bulk Supply service running a few months ago. It was quite successful making a fair amount of profit but the main aim was to help anyone that needed items and needed them quickly. I have been thinking recently about how much free time I have now it’s the summer holidays and I have come to the conclusion off starting the business back up. I will also be looking for help for the business because sometimes it can get quite hectic.
    I have a few rules for my business.

    ·You may on order up to 5 DC of Items at a time.
    ·You are definitely not going to nag me about your, it will be done when it’s done.
    ·Only taking up to 10 orders at a time to work on. So if you are the 11th order your order will be added to the list as soon as one is completed don’t worry.

    So you’re sitting there wondering what sort of items/blocks this fine gentleman supplies. So I am going to tell you and also how much one DC will cost you of a particular item/block but if you order a large amount e.g. 5 DC then your discount will be higher.

    5 DC = 10% Discount e.g. 100,000r – 10,000r = 90,000r
    4 DC = 5% Discount
    3 DC = 2% Discount
    2 DC = 1% Discount


    Prices will change due to the ever changing market. The economy may hit an all-time low for some of these products so they will get cheaper but the harder an item becomes to collect the dearer it will be so don’t always come back when you need something and think “oh that is really cheap” then come back when you need it a week later “ it has got dearer” so don’t complain.

    This is where I get my prices :)


    Items/Blocks (Per DC)


    White Wool = 7,000r
    Coloured Wool = 8,000

    Hardened Clay = 10,000r
    Coloured Clay = 5,000r


    Plain Glass = 8,000r
    Coloured Class = 6,000r


    Cobble = 3,500r
    Stone = 4,500r
    Andesite/Diorite/Granite = 3,000r (5,000r Polished)
    Stone Brick = 4,500r

    Nether Products
    Nether Brick = 8,000r
    Soul Sand = 4,000r
    Netherrack = 2,000r

    Sand (Chiselled in future)
    Sand = 6,000r
    Sandstone = 7,500r

    Logs = 8,000r (No Acacia)
    Planks = 4,000r

    That is all the items and prices for the time being. I hope you have liked what you have seen and hope to place an order.

    Yours, Alarm.
  2. 5 DCs of Hardened clay please. 20k total :) (Edit: 17k with discount)
  3. 5 DC's of Hardened Clay as well. 20k
  4. 5 DC's of plain glass please which comes out to 18,750r
  5. 2 DC of Hard Clay
    1 DC of soul Sand

    Total = 12k
  6. 5 DC's of Stone
    2.5 DC's of Dark Oak Logs
    2.5 DC's of Birch Logs

    Total 17k + 8.5k = 25.5k
  7. Thanks for all the interest Guys. I will get to work straight away.
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  8. Got my order within 48 hrs (5 DCs worth). Great service for sure. Will be using again :)

  9. I'll take 5x DC of nether quartz ore
    Total comes to 170,000 rupees.
  10. Awesome job! Fast and great pricing!

    So, I'll place another order!!!

    5 DC's of Plain Glass - 21250r total
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  11. what wood would be the easiest for you to get?

    5 DC of whatever wood logs = 20k (17k with the discount)
  12. This will take like a week to produce. Thanks for the order.

    Thanks for using again will get this done within a few days.

    Will be done in a few days thanks.
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  13. I think you mean 85,000 ;)
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  14. 5 DCs of Nether Quartz Ore, please. Total should be 170,000 rupees with the discount. I will be happy to pay this sum when the order has been completed, thank you! :)
  15. Will Take a while due to 2 of these orders
  16. Understood, I don't mind waiting a little bit but if it's too long then I'd expect some kind of reimbursement. I don't have a specific time in mind but I understand it's a big order so will take a bit longer than others. Thanks Alarm! :)
  17. Yeah maybe a week or 10 days :)
  18. Sounds good to me, I'll be on holiday in that time, but I should still have access to Minecraft for a small amount of time each day so should be all good, thanks again :)
  19. 1 DC of diorite unpolished, andesite unpolished, granite unpolished, stone, cobble stone
    Total 12k
    Edit Whoops that is 6 Dcs I'll change it
  20. 5 Dcs of wood logs
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