[SERVICE] Jacob's Smeltery!

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  1. Hello everyone!
    I am back with a brand new business!
    This business offers your items to be smelted!
    What you will do:
    One of two things.
    You can either bring the items to my res, 4029 on SMP2,
    Or, I can come to your lot, pick them up, and vault them over.
    My prices are as follows.
    One DC of items: 1.6k
    One SC of items: 800
    Prices are subject to change at any time
    Thanks for your business :D
    Yes, forgot to mention the order form :p Silly me.
    Deadline: (50 rupees extra)
    I would also like to thank FDNy21 for inspiring me to do this.
  2. Great Idea For a Service! :D
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  3. Prices have been reduced greatly!
  4. Business shut down due to the fact that a business popped up and copied mine, exactly like it.
    Due to the fact that this ticks me off, business closed.
  5. There will be competitors like that who want to copy other people to make money off of other peoples ideas. You could lower your prices, but I can see how this does tick you off :/
  6. No need to rage quit, just try try try again.
  7. That's right folks, I'm back in business :)
    Prices are greatly reduced, almost cut in half!
  8. Do you only do SC and DC because people might not have that much ore that they might want smelted? :D
  9. I can do it by the stack also :)
  10. How much per stack
    Please tell me if my math is right :

    SC = 800
    SC ÷ 27 = 29.6296296 a Stack

    So its 29.6 ( 30 ) rupees per stack
    Then for my order forums :
    Item: Sand
    Quantity: 54 Stacks ( 1600 )
    Deadline: March 13th 9:00 AM CST (50 rupees extra)
    Price : 1600 Rupees :D
    Total Price : 1650 Thx
    Ill make an Access Chest Now :D ( res 18898 )
  11. Your order is complete! Sorry for the slight delay, I am working on making a more efficient smeltery :)
  12. Ok :D