[SERVICE] Infinity Blacksmithing (repairs and book binding)

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  1. Infinity Blacksmithing

    • Do you have God items that need repairing, but don't have the XP?
    • You want to create all your own god items with books, but don't have the xp to bind them all to your tools?
    • Do you need lots of something renamed?

    You've come to the right place!!!


    Repairs - 500r per repair tier per item (cap of 1500r)
    So let's say you have 5 items that need repairing, and it's the first time I've repaired them. That's 500r per item. Then you use all 5 again and need them repaired again, they will be on the 2nd tier of repairs for me and will be 1000r per item. So this continues until you hit the 1500 mark. Even when they are at exp cap (39 levels) it will cost you 1500r. So you can get them repaired indefinitely at a cheaper price than buying a new one.

    Books Binding -500r per book per item (cap of 2500r)
    Lets say you make a diamond sword, and you go to /v 2000 books and buy fire aspect, sharpness 5, Unbreaking 3, Looting 3, and knock back. We will attatch all those to your new sword for 2500r. Respectively, if you just want to add just Unbreaking and Sharpness, we will only ask for 1000r.

    Item Renaming - 10r per item (cap of 500r per stack)
    Basically self explanatory.

    For all of these prices, you supply the diamonds, the tools and the books.
    I can supply any of the supplies as needed, however it will be at a slight markup.


    How to Order

    In this thread please make a post that includes:

    Player Name:
    What you want done: (repair, book binding, item renaming)
    How many items you want done:

    That's it. When it's your turn, we will send you a PM here on the boards. You will drop off the items in a designated chest on SMP5, and we will do the work for you in a timely manner. Your items will never leave the chest unless we are there, on scene doing the work, and then they will go right back in. We will PM you again as soon as it is done. It's Easy and safe and track-able.


  2. {reserved for future additions}
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  3. Player Order List

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  4. Player Name: PenguinDJ
    What you want done: Repair
    How many items you want done: 129
    Paid 64,500r. I'm unaware how many diamonds this will consume. Is it okay if you use yours and then I give you the diamonds you used in return?
    Also, a chest is set up at 11362 on SMP5, but I can drop the items off if that's easier too. Just let me know.
  5. Picked up and working on.
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  6. Order is complete, Sir.

    Access signs are placed at 10360.
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  7. Player Name: PenguinDJ
    What you want done: Repair
    How many items you want done: 30
    Chest is set up at 11362, but I can drop off if needed. Same thing as last time for the diamonds?
  8. Order is complete, Sir.

    Access signs placed at 10360.
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  9. Thank you! I've paid Dektirok 15,000r. :)
  10. Player Name: jossytheninja
    What you want done: repair
    How many items you want done: 2

    the 2 pickaxes cost 34 each to repair so would that be 1500r each?