Service - iHaro Inc. Silk Touch Supply [Only 300r per!]

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  1. Since I currently have a lot of unneeded enchanted books in my stock, I've decided I should probably start something like this. My prices vary depending on how many you buy.

    Keep in mind, I won't always offer the same books. After I sell a certain amount of them, I will switch this thread to sell my new books for (as always) a below-market price :)

    Current book - Silk Touch I NOW ONLY 300r PER BOOK!

    ==Amount== ==Price Per Book==

    Username -
    Amount of books -
    Price -
    Delivery/Pickup -
    If delivery, SMP/Residence - 
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  2. After looking around at some prices, I've lowered all prices and gave a HUGE discount to anyone who buys more than 2 DC of books. All books no matter the quantity are now very cheap!
  3. Username - kyle12cu1 Amount of books - 1 Silk Touch Price - 520 rupees Delivery/Pickup - Pickup If delivery, SMP/Residence -
  4. Done, meet me on SMP1 :)
  5. Review of the iHaro service.
    I have ordered a Silk Touch book and it was ready!
    This is fast!
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  6. Good Shop, but I will think about it :)
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  8. Username - kyle12cu1 Amount of books - 8 Price - 2400 Delivery/Pickup - Pickup If delivery, SMP/Residence -
    Buyer Notes - I am banned for 24 hours so I will not be able to come on and pay
  9. I would appreciate if you could stop posting random stuff on my business thread, thanks.

    It's ready whenever you're unbanned :)
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  10. did you see my order about? its in the thread?
  11. Alright, busy right now but I'll get them to you ASAP I have it in a chest :)
  12. Username - Qwerty189
    Amount of books - 3
    Price - 900r
    Delivery/Pickup - Delivery
    If delivery, SMP/Residence - 1233, smp1
  13. I have all orders done, just getting back to town on smp1 so I can deliver/setup :)
  14. Wait s
    Is the price per book 300 or is it based on how many books I order?
  15. No matter how many, price is 300 per :)
  16. Can you meet me at Smp9 19371 yet?
  17. Done.

    Qwerty189 - Dropped off, please pay 900r at your earliest convenience :)

    Kyle12cu1 - Awaiting unban :)

    Thanks for orders so far, this offer is still available as I have a lot more books to sell!
  18. Username: Amadai
    Amount: 5
    Price: 1.5k
    Delivery / Pickup: Pickup
  19. ok cause I got a bit confused for a sec. When I was reading the comments
    IGN: Ice_lightning99
    Amount of books: a SC(27)
    Pick-up or deliver: pick-up
  20. I have both your orders ready in my stock, sorry but I'll have to setup tomorrow morning as I am really sleepy :)