[SERVICE] I will edit your minecraft videos for free!

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  1. Hi! I'm an aspiring editor who wishes to expand their knowledge to a higher level through practice.
    If anybody's interested in me editing their videos to be:
    -More entertaining
    -More serious
    ect message me on here or mail me ingame!
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  2. Paid through rupees correct?
  3. Free

    Sounds really cool! I'll try to get the word out to some people to who make videos :D
  4. It said free ;p

    I'm just interested in editing. I have enough rupees.
  5. Oh lol sorry sorta missed the title :p
  6. Haha, that's okay. You interested?
  7. I might just take you up on this sometime soon. Editing is not exactly my favorite part of making a video. However, I couldn't just let you do it for nothing, and I'd feel a lot better if you let me make a rupee donation for your work. :)
  8. I have more than I could ever edit on my own, and I would like to work with you. I will look for something that is a single episode in one video rather than a series for you to try out. I also would be happy to pay rupees if you would like. Do you have any file size restrictions? Can you do picture in picture? What kind of editing software is available to you?

    The answers to my questions are not important except that I am interested.
  9. Right now I only win movie maker due to my Sony Vegas license ending, for now I will do what I can with that. I would prefer not to have rupees involved because this is mainly practise for me and my work may not be to your liking.
  10. No pressure with me liking/not liking your work, I am also still learning and would not offer anything but constructive feedback so that you can improve.


    I uploaded this to mediafire for you to play around with. I'm not sure if it appeals to you or what type of improvements could be made. I do know that windows movie maker will recognize the file type and convert without any issues. Thanks for trying and hopefully you can learn from it no matter what the outcome. If you are ready for more, let me know.
  11. ;ooo is that your child?

    If so you're a fantastic father