[Service] Helping you make wild homes/outposts!

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What do you think of this

Sounds cool 10 vote(s) 58.8%
seems useless 2 vote(s) 11.8%
sounds cool but I don't really need it 5 vote(s) 29.4%
  1. I will prepare land In the wilderness for outposts and homes.

    What does this mean?
    It means you can have me come out to your outpost site or find you an outpost site and make it easier for you and your friends to live on it. I will not stay there and will never bother you after the service (unless you want me to :))

    I currently will:
    1. find a suitable place for you and your friends to spend time in or go to your preselected coordinates
    cost: 1r per block out you want. (ex. 3.5k out from spawn will cost 3.5k)

    2. Flatten some land and create "residences" for you and your friends to build on
    cost: 1r for every 30 blocks you want flattened. (ex. a 60x60 area would cost 120r because 60*60=3600 blocks)

    3. place torches in and around your outpost to prevent monsters from spawning
    cost: 1r for every 10 blocks (ex. a 60x60 area will cost 360r)

    4. create multilevel farm for you to use when you arrive
    cost: 5 r per block with unlimited floors free! (ex. a 10x10 farm with 1 level would cost 500r and a farm with the same dimensions but 10 levels high will still cost 500r)

    5. nether path
    cost: 2k

    6. Mine
    cost: 100r

    7. almost anything else you may want!
    price determined by me

    If you purchase any of these options I will add a free welcome chest filled with goodies to help you get started.

    Special deals:
    1. Get torches for half off if you purchase flattening for the same size area
    2. Get 1/2 off your total purchase if you buy all of the above
    3. Get a free nether path if the distance is 5k or more
    4. Get free torches if you have preselected coordinates

    Post this information in a post to order:
    Products you want to order (use the numbers next to them):
    smp (I can not do utopia):
    distance from spawn (round to the nearest 100 blocks):
    preferred biome:
    additional information:

    I will send you a pm on the forums when you should pay. I will give you the coordinates after payment if I was finding it for you. Even if you already have an outpost or location you will still need to pay for the distance.

    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns then post them here and I will get to you as quickly as possible.
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  2. I can do some of these things even if you already have an outpost.
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  3. wow expensive
  4. I may lower the prices since they are a litttle high.
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  5. It's not actually that expensive. I think these prices are fairly reasonable. It's higher up in the reasonable spectrum, but it's still fairly good prices.
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  6. cool depends on how much it cost i want a outpost and the blocks from spawn you should do the blocks in the nether like so 1r per nether block
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  7. Ok. I just lowered the prices on everything except the distance and added more special deals. I plan on the distance to be the main thing that gives me money so I won't lower it.
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  8. how much would a mine be?
  9. A mine is 100r
    I will add that to the main post because that seems like a good thing to offer
  10. how much would all this cost? 5000 blocks out from spawn.20 60*60 plots torches for 1 60*60 plot. 20 level 10*10 farm. nether path. and a mine
  11. 4180 for everything with the half off deal and free nether deal. You can easily get this amount if you don't have it by voting for 4 days.
  12. and can it be 5000 blocks from the south outpost? and i have a prefered biome xtreme hills
  13. ok. Please post it in the format for ordering so I can have all of the information I need. Sorry for being confused when you messaged me on smp6 but I didn't really know your username.
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  14. i would like land prepared for a outpost. 2. 20 plots 3. 1 60*60 plot of torches 4. 10*10 farm 20 levels 5. nether path 6. mine. smp6. 5000 blocks xtreme hills biome
  15. I voted "sounds cool" even if I personally do not need it.
    I of course am a big fan of the wild and wild outposts and think this is a great business idea.
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  16. Thanks. It's nice to know a wilderness person likes this idea.

    I will be working on your order. Expect it done in the next few days.
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  17. I found a good location on the live map but it is 5000 from the north outpost. Is that ok?
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  18. ign: Jeanzl2000
    Products you want to order (use the numbers next to them): 1 , 2 , 3
    smp (I can not do utopia): SMP1
    distance from spawn (round to the nearest 100 blocks): 100
    preferred biome: None
    additional information: Do it in the wastelands please :D, I wanna have a temp base. Also North East Outpost

  19. I will begin work on yours soon. Could you specify the dimensions of what you want flattened and torched.
  20. I want to have a copy of an smp plot and maybe more people will join and build their Residence next to mine :D. So 60x60 please.