[Service]Glass And Sand Shop!

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  1. Hey!
    I made a to order shop!
    I only collect and sell items when requested by a customer.
    A DC of glass is 4.5k.
    A DC of sand is 4k.
    The shop is located on 2205 just south of 1999 (Todd's shop)
    If you have orders message me here or drop a book with your order behind the counter.

    If anyone has quartz donations it would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Any question will be welcomed on the website.

    Do not message me in game for orders, I WILL forget.

  2. Hey I think if you just start filling DCs with glass at 84r/stack, you will get loads of people coming by to buy. If you list it on my site in my signature, I know for sure I will be by, and I get about 100 searches a day and growing.

    Anyways, if you do want to proceed with the order system, I'll place an order for one DC of each. I'll pay you once they're produced and ready to be picked up.

    And I don't have any quartz. I gave up because it was too slow. But I did build a nice mine if you go to the /wnether west and then head north. Just go down the stairs and down the ladder and there's a nice mine there with ovens and stuff every 500 blocks and some branches started.
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  3. I will be sure to give your site a try. Also it may take 2 days to get because I have a fairly large order to complete.
  4. I don't mind waiting. With my experience from other suppliers I'll be happy to get it. There is a fairly large market for these products. That's why I think you're better off just having a shop and trying to keep it stocked.

    If you want as well, I can buy the material from you in the wild directly where you get it at a slightly reduced price. I would just keep buying and you can just keep mining. I'll be your sales/transport division of your business. I can also check your technique because you can get material even faster if you use torches and plus you'll get sandstone and cobblestone at the same time, which I can also buy from you.