[Service] Future "Amazing" Bulk Supply Service - Need Suggestions, Ideas etc!

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  1. Hello Empire!

    So I was thinking of making a bulk supply service within possibly the next month of two as I will have finally finished my final year of school in 2 weeks time and will have plenty of time on my hands!

    However I have if you didn't know, been inactive probably for 6 months or so give or take! Now I know from previous "Breaks" the economy, supply / demand, popular items etc all change!

    Now this is where I want your help!

    I really want to make this a good reliable go to service, I had done services in the past and none where super successful, maybe due to my time constraints of school. Anyhow I really want suggestions for multiple things,

    Firstly products you guys would want to see! If you can possibly list the prices as well!

    Secondly maybe suggestions on good organisation, maybe have multiple workers, but suggestions on how to make the orders get done quick!

    And finally just any other suggestions / ideas you think would be cool!

    Also I want a name :p My name is MrWhosAmazing so I want something with "Amazing" in it, if you have a cool name drop it down below!

    Thanks so much in Advance!
  2. I would take a look at Kadboy's thread as his was the only truly successful and well known supply company that EMC has had in recent years, although correct me if I'm wrong. He has by far the most views on the economy forum and if you don't count bumps, he also has by far the most replies. I'd say if you can take his list (which would be from 1.6) and add in some 1.7 and 1.8 items that are in demand, and actually have a means of obtaining all of them in great quantity, you could have a really good shot at dominating the bulk market.
  3. Those were the days! Yes he did have quite a great service!

    Thanks for the tip ;)
  4. Bumpityyyy
  5. I think xharo_der covered what you were asking for pretty well. Stick to the tried and true items if you want to make money. If you just want to be known as a bulk supplier then you might need an employ or, that LOT of time. Bulk supplying doesn't seem to generate the revenue that promo/rare trading does and people don't expect that before they get into it. Sgtpepper has a very successful bulk supply business. Perhaps you could look at partnering with her? Just a thought.