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  1. I have made an agreement with Samuelton153 to dig the dirt from my plot ( 60 x 60 shown in the picture ) down to y:2. in return for a 2014 turkey slicer.

    Edit: Note to staff. when i give the item to samuel153 i will do so through the chest shop system for 1 Rupee. and he will be refunded the 1 rupee. This way it makes it trackable that he received the item for the work.
  2. If he doesn't end up doing it I will ;)
  3. Still waiting on him to agree to the term's. If it falls through ill let you know though
  4. He has received Payment for the job in advanced because he had to get off. ( I may be at work when he finish's job wanted to make sure he got paid ) Proof here:
  5. Just wondering, but what's the significance of posting this thread?
  6. the "significance" of the thread is to protect the one providing services and the one receiving the service. So everything goes fine and there is no scamming that happens.

    Example: He completes the service and i was to not have paid him.
    Or I paid him and he does not complete the service.

    This is proof to the staff that the agreement has been made, and accepted. and if something in the agreement goes wrong. staff can step in and take action if need be.

    Edit: Accidently put "and" Instead of "can"
  7. I understand what you intended to do and it is not a bad idea to protect yourself. It would have been more appropriate to start a conversation with Samuelton, then if there were problems, you could add staff to the conversation as needed.
  8. Understandable but this also serves to others if the services provided by the individual are genuine, and if someone has ever had trouble with them. It's searchable for all.
  9. The problem with public threads is the ability to edit posts. In a private conversation you can't do that, so whatever is typed or whatever the "contract" is remains permanent. With the edit button just right of how long ago each of our own posts were made in one of these threads, the wording can be changed however it is wanted, which is not safe for this situation.

    EDIT: A thread like this is fine for hiring people to do jobs, but the contract and agreement should be solidified in a PM to ensure a proper deal.
  10. Smauelton153 decided he'd like to pass on the job to another player . So for the work done i will give him 5,000 rupee's & he will return the turkey slicer in the same condition as he bought it for.
  11. Alright then in the future i will make these contracts a conversation. I figured it would be usefull for all players to put a contract in the forum's under the area that is for Product's, Bussiness, & " Services " . for furtue contracts i will use the conversation's . Thank you lucky.
  12. I edited my post above to include this, but threads like this are fine for hiring new workers. It's just the contract part that should be made secure and private in an inbox PM. Also if there is some sort of "application" for a job, which sometimes there is, that can be filled out here as well by players wanting work.
  13. Understood thank your :p
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  14. This thread can be closed. I will make a new Thread for this job and make the contract through conversation & more clear.
  15. I will close this for you. I hope you find loyal helpers :)
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