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  1. Are you tired of looking at your plain old desktop wallpaper? If you are, then make yourself at home.
    At Xtreme's HD Wallpaper Editing and Photography, we believe desktop wallpapers can affect your mood.

    I also edit the following:


    Forum signature
    Background for non-profiting organizations
    Desktop wallpaper

    Order Forum: (Normally take 1-5 days to complete)

    Type Of Picture(s):
    Effect: (Blur, Render, HD, HDR, etc):
    Convert to (File format):
    Your picture:
    Size: (That you want)

    Credit & Special Thanks To:

    -Mr Lee (A great computer studies teacher)

    -My father (For buying Adobe Photoshop for me)


    The Photo Collection :



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  2. Wow those look nice ;) but I'm sticking to pikachu until it needs change
  3. Are you able to do avatars?
  4. Mhm, i will try :D
  5. Do you think you could change my skin to where I have a mic on my headphones? like a headset??