[Service] Free public industrial smelter/brewer

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  1. Hi, I'm Arrchy. I've just finished making an automatic smelter and an automatic brewer in my res on smp9. Anyone is welcome to come and use them for free. All you have to do is put the required resources in the minecarts and send them off. Although, there are some rules when it comes to the brewer, I will get to that in a minute.

    The smelter runs 14 furnaces at once. I already have some coal loaded (about 80 per furnace I think) but it would be nice if you add more when you use it. If there is not enough fuel to smelt the material there is no way to get it back unless you add fuel or I destroy some hoppers. The retrieval cart will return automatically when it has a full chest, but if you are smelting less than a full chest just wait until the furnaces finish and then press the button again.

    The brewer is a lot bigger, and due to size it only runs 3 brewing stands. To operate this one you put three bottles per ingredient in the corresponding carts (max 9 ingredients/27 bottles per run), and then hit the activation button and wait for the retrieval cart to return. Once you do that, move the potions back into the bottle cart and add the second ingredient to the ingredient cart, and repeat until you have your desired potions.

    You have to put in three bottles per ingredient. Failing to do so means it will not return some of the bottles or it will waste ingredients. You also have to only put in one type of ingredient at a time. If you put in more than one type of ingredient it will not brew in order and you may get mundane potions or whatever. I have not tested brewing more than a full inventory at once so do that at your own risk.

    This one is also slightly lag-sensitive, I have tested it many times and the vast majority of the times it brews correctly so when it doesn't it is probably the result of lag. If it does not brew correctly, check the brewing stands and hoppers leading into them to retrieve your materials. If everything brewed correctly but you are missing potions, check the last hopper that the retrieval minecart connects to. If you cannot retrieve them, message me and I will get them for you.

    If you want any features added leave a comment. But I may not take every suggestion and if I do it may take weeks for me to finish it.
  2. Added a public library, multi-setting enchantment table, and a small wool farm.
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