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  1. Hey Guys.

    Being a supporter, I'm opening a residence on Utopia. This is going to be a HUGE farm. All items coming from the farm will be placed in chests and will be FREE to take to the community. So you'll have to be quick and check back often!

    The residence is 5337 on the Utopia Server. Items will be available at my other residence on SMP9 once complete.

    More information will be posted as development comes along.

    Currently I'm really in need of some guys to help the project out.

    While building with a few thousand rupees, I'll need the following. If you want to help out, or donate.. let me know.

    Needed Donation Items:

    Dirt (lots of it)
    Wood (logs)
    Hoppers (about 100)


    Hope to see ya'll there, and hope you like the idea!
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  2. Good idea! And ask iamfuturetrunks for dirt. He has tons.
  3. define lots of dirt. also what is going to be grown? everything or just one item? also you should build a room were only donators to your farm can access (it could have some good villager trades or something else)
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  4. Good idea.

    The items avaliable so far will be:

    Wheat, seeds, pumpkin, watermelon, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, logs, saplings, bonemeal, hay bales.. anything that can be grown :) Oh, and animals
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  5. how does one grow bonemeal :p also the dirt question or is that option to donate taken :p
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  6. Is sugar cane included in this, and what will be grown on the smp9 residence?
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  7. Lots of dirt means probably about 50 stacks :p Still open ;)

    Bonemeal will just be there so you can grow your trees quicker ;)

    @creepybanana1000 - Yes, sugarcane will be grown. And nothing will be grown at the SMP9 res, they will be given away there... so i can maxmize space at my Utopia residence for the farm. :)
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  8. Quote him, don't at him.
  9. Yes, and nothing, that'll be the free shop.

    Still looking for donators ;)
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  10. Wheat farm is almost complete.

    Will then be moving on to: Melon & Pumpkin Farm, and then Sugar Cane fArm.