[service] Fishing

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  1. I will fish for you! Its simple and cheap: .5r per minute maximum orders are half an hour. Disclaimer: I am not responsible for conditions on that day or cooking fish.
  2. Can I hire you for an hour and I supply the rod?
    Ill be on in about 30 mins ;)
  3. Im sorry, I wasn't on then, but I can fish now that I am home
    If you want me to fish contact and pay me then if you aren't on I can put it in a hopper or access chest
    I am raising the price to 3r per minute because that is still only 180r per hour
  4. I cant get one for a few hours now lol
  5. How about you pay me and set up a chest/hopper and I can fish for you tomorrow because I need to go in 25 mins