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  1. Hey guys. Im going to be starting up a service for Farming materials. I basically mean all the Farming Foods. Like Wheat Sugarcane etc. I am only doing Sugar Cane at the moment I will edit the post as I can do more. Prices are below.
    100r for transportation.

    Post like this

    Quantity: 3DC
    Drop off, or pick up? Drop off at 15177 Smp7

    Sugar Cane/Sugar 100r per DC of paper
    SC: 750r
    DC: 1500r

    SC: 900r
    DC: 1800r

    All the Wools. Wools can now be ordered.
    Only SC for the moment
    SC: 2000r
    Stack: 70r
    Maximum Quantity one per person every week

    Pick up is at MrWhosAwesome-4 which is 14289
  2. Item: Sugar Cane ( Can you make it into Paper? )
    Quantity: 3 DC's
    Drop off: 15061 Smp7
    Sugar Cane DC: 4500r overall
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  3. Will get onto it straight away!
  4. Wheat
    smp7 14141 :)
    1.5k overall
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  5. Wheat
    2 DC
    I shall pickup :D
    3600 overall
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  6. Wheat is 1800r xD
    Sure thing
  7. Pick up is at MrWhosAwesome-3 Which is 14289
  8. Item: Wheat...
    Quantity: DC please
    Drop off: 18287 smp9
    Amount: 1,900r
    I want dis to make me some wheat blocks in 1.6!
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  9. Item: Sugar Cane ( Can you make it into paper for me too? )
    Quantity: 3 DC's
    Sugar Cane DC: 4500r
    I will pick it up
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  10. Should be able to.
  11. Please do not order anything else for a while. I will complete these orders and will say it is fine to order again. I want this to last, so I dont want heaps of poeple making all these orders and me not being able to fill them.
  12. Should I pay now or when the order is complete?
  13. Wehn complete
  14. Hye guys, im needing help running this buisness for at least the wheat orders, if someone can at least take the wheat orders for now, and run the Buiness with me PM me
  15. how much do u pay people for that... these days...

    if its gd (over 40%) then yes i'm free to help u
  16. I have someone helping already Sorry, maybe later on. It is you making the WHOLE sale as well.
    Notify Magneto11, he is taking the wheat orders. He will deliver it for you.
    Magneto11 will have the wheat order, speak to him. I will pay him the money you paid me. Bit of trouble getting the wheat at the moment. Thanks
  17. The wool can now be ordered. Nothing else but the wool for now.
  18. Thread Closed. I dont have the time at the moment for any orders. Working on other things. I will re-create the thread later. Please PM me if you want to do a FULL co-ownation with me.
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