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  1. I've seen a few other threads that sell banners, and I thought I'd make one too. Pick the banner(s) you want from the spoilers below, and just post on this thread with the name and quantity of the banner(s) you want. EDIT: Please also say whether you would like your banner(s) delivered (to a chest on your res), mailed (costs an extra 50r), or picked up (from an access chest on my res). I also take orders for custom banners. I am charging 500r per banner right now, but I'll figure out prices for each of the banners based on their design when I have time.

    Respect This Elder!
    Guardian of the Monument

    The Black Widow
    A Blue One!
    A Big 'Ol Ghast Marshmallow
    Dragon - End Variant
    Gnarbuckle Dragon, Dude!
    More mobs will be added soon.

    I can make a banner out of nearly every flag in the world. Just name the country, and I can do it!


    The Furnace
    Apple in Hand

    Like the flags, just name the letter/number, and I'll make a banner out of it. I can also make arrows facing north, south, east, west, northeast, southeast, northwest, and southwest. NOTE: One letter/Number/Arrow per banner
  2. Are you willing to do custom banners?
  3. That's awesome! I made my own Jolly Roger flag yesterday xD I may be interested in getting some banners in the future!
  4. Oops, I forgot to add that to the OP. Yes, I take custom orders as well.
  5. Also, how much do you charge? I will send you a screenshot of my order when I get on.
  6. I have a slime banner design, just haven't had the time to screenshot it. Elder or regular?
  7. Dunno yet. How 'bout 500r?
  8. K, good deal.
  9. regular pls.
  10. Deliver or pickup? I need to add more to my order form!
  11. Just curious, what time zone are you in? It's nighttime for me, and you are responding so fast.
  12. Deliver.

    I am in EDT aka EMC.
  13. k lemme hop on. i will take a sec to craft the banners, didn't expect costumers so fast.
  14. turns out I can't get on, sorry. i will mail the banners in the morning. 1K, please.
  15. 2015-05-07_21.09.29.png

    Can you make this banner for me? I will pay 50r extra for mailing fee.

    Edit: I had to get off early because of a lightning storm....
  16. If i took a picture of my flag of my outpost, could you make a banner of that?
  17. Can u do a banner of Taiwan's flag?
  18. Could I take like 10 banners of the Dragons? I will pay you in the morning ;)
  19. which dragon? the complex dragon or the simpler dragon?