[Service] Ender Ballzzz! Get your ballz here!

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  1. So I am starting an EnderPearl Service.


    SC: 1.5k
    Dc: 2.75k

    3DC: 7k

    5DC: 12k

    10Dc: 20k.

    10DC max pp, per week.

    Enjoy :p Please let me know if prices are too high

    Order Form:

    Amount of Double Chests:
    Deadline: 500 Rupees Extra. If Deadline not met, I take away 5% each day of price. Will only accpet reasonable Deadlines.
    Pick up or transport (Pick up 417 Smp1): 100 Rupees per Double Chest. Over 5DC free transport! What res / server. Please specify.
    Total Amount?
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