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  1. Hello all! Today i'd like to talk about a new service, the Empire Gift Exchange, or the EGE for short.

    What the EGE does is we have one 'exchange' per month. You will get matched to a person before that date, and you pick out an item, customize it if you wish, and then we will send it to your match. You will also be matched to someone else, so you will recieve an item too!
    The whole process is private, so you don't know who is gifting you.
    It's basically like Secret Santa, if you've ever had that.

    This service is run by myself, (Rosy2696) and my friend, Kytula.
    Location: The main base is at /v 2114 on SMP1, Kytula's 4th place.
    Time: Each exchange will take place on a Saturday, so the most people can do it.
    Matches will be (Privately) announced 3 days beforehand.
    Price: This service is free to join, and free forever. No payments will ever be required.

    Next exchange: Sat, Oct. 24th.* Matches announced: Thursday, Oct. 22nd.

    How to join:
    First, are you joining from here or the base? If you'd like to join from the base, simply get a book and quill, write that you'd like to join, your home smp, and sign it. Then, drop it in the hopper.
    If you want to join from here, do basically the same thing, but in the comments, minus the book. *The EGE reserves the right to change, delay, and remove any and all dates due to unforeseen circumstances.

    Thank you all for reading, I hope you consider joining! -Rosy2696
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