[Service] Editing Your Minecraft Footage for FREE!

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  1. Here's the idea. You're a good entertainer. You're funny, you've got a good concept going for a video, you've got the content prepared. However, you couldn't edit a halfway decent video to save your life. There's where I come in! You see, I've been getting gradually interested into video creation; but I've been running dry on the content side of things. I seem to just get stumped when it comes to getting an idea for a video and actually obtaining the content.

    Here's how it will work.

    1) You'll have already came up with at least a somewhat unique idea for your video and you've already recorded the footage for it. Whether or not it's on EMC doesn't really matter to me, but you obviously can't post it on EMC or share it on the forums here if it's not EMC related, so it's preferred if it is on EMC.

    2) You'll create a Dropbox account or use one you already have and upload all of your raw footage to it (do not compress the footage before uploading it, or else I will not be able to produce a high quality result). You should upload all video clips you want to be in the video as well as an intro/outro if you use any.

    3) You'll privately send me the link to your Dropbox files so I can obtain your video clips. In your message, you should also include your idea and if you have any special requests you'd like to be in there. Any music you want to use should also be included, but I can also add in some (no copyright) background music of my own if you want to leave it up to me.

    4) I'll edit it to your liking! I use Adobe Premiere CC 2014 to edit videos.

    5) I'll upload the final product to Dropbox and send it back to you so that you can upload it to your YouTube channel and do as you please with it.

    DO NOTE - I do not want any payment for my services. I am admittedly not a professional video editor, but I'm doing this so that I can gain experience and 'learn by doing'. The one thing I ask is that you somehow credit me for editing the video. Whether it be at the end of the title, in an annotation, or even in the description, I'd like some form of acknowledgement. That is all.
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  2. Bump, I'd love to edit a montage or something epic at the lovely cost of 0r :)
  3. Might consider using.
  4. Awww yis!

    Maybe when I got something of a high caliber to download then sure, I will be happy to use this! Since camtasia is a shit ton of money... :)
  5. Yay :)
    Open Broadcasting Software is your free friend.

    Camtasia is horrendous anyway.
  6. Do you have an example of your work?
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