[Service] Dragon's Potion Shop at 10018

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    Introducing a new way to shop for potions,
    Dragon's potion stand is extremely different!

    A quote From Dragon, " At this Potion Stand we prefer a more business style atmosphere than a chest shop. We do most of our business from orders and non-set prices. At this Potion Stand, instead of us having a set price, you pick the price! No this does not mean you get potions for one rupee. It means you would say the price you like i.e. 20r per say and we go from there. We will negotiate the price so that we each get what we want! To order, simply throw a book and quill or a written book into the hopper that is down the stairs behind you telling your Order and Your preferred price ( And Name if not a Written book ). From there I will contact you via forum private message or in game chat and we will finish the deal and get you your order! Also, if you see me online you can tell me what you would like to make an order and we will enter my office (Also behind you and down the stairs) We do orders for all potions and do the size from one potion to double chests (TBH how many DC's) You can also donate to as you see if you turn to your left to help us keep running! We also offer us some free potions in the building above. If you also turn around, we will also have some chest shops with a few different potions!!"

    That's all you really need to know, so come on down to 10018 and check it out :D

    Note: TheMinner333, My Anon brother, wrote and published this :D
  2. Just a reminder this is our first day open So come and be one of our first costumers!
  3. Looks really cool dragon!!