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  1. Hey guys I'm gonna be starting a new thing... called EMC Cares. I'm gonna look for players that are being kind and helpful... or are going through something really hard and, then i will start a donation box for them in my res.

    Right now i noticed that Dead_on_Justice is going to be having Head surgery and wont be on for a while.... the box is set up on my res for him... please stop by and donated something(NO DIRT...this is for a good cause)... Lets get the donations going
    (Please have your trust in me I will not steal any donations to someone)
  2. If you dont want to have people stealing I'd set up hoppers :)
  3. I am doing something very similar to this right now. I can't donate since I am focusing all of my rupees towards my competition but maybe we can partner up. If you want to see the thread it is on the homepage.
  4. I would donate, but I can't get on often because im moving (wink wink nod nod)
  5. I'd donate but I'm homeless (resless) cant charge my pc and I don't have wood =\
    But if I hav excess unneededs ill prob donate
  6. this is for a good cause
    *** If u believe someone is deserving of this, just post who and why

    *** I will also be collecting rupees for Death_on_Justice but i wont ask for any until the day he gets his gifts... if u want to write a book saying how much u will donate and then toss it in the hopper at my res