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    is another man's treasure! Find random items from chicken to diamonds at One Man's Trash, now with a redesign, bulk buy, free shuffling, auto-filtering, bulk removal and more!

    Donate anything you like at /v 413 - even dirt! Get rid of all your useless items instantly and quickly.

    Purchase random items from chicken to diamonds for just 7r/piece just past the teleports - we've got 2 slots in case you find an item you don't want, bulk buy for a cheaper price if you want to get rid of some items quickly, and filtered items to remove things like dirt.

    We get rid of things like dirt, sugar cane, iron ingots, etc. automatically to keep your experience free from spammed items! I can't disclose the full list to keep it from being taken advantage of, but I will note that it's under 10 so far. Of course, anyone intentionally spamming huge amounts of items (1DC+) will be banned from the residence.


    Coming soon - we just had a huge redesign!


    SMP1 - [/v 413]
    SMP2 - Not opened yet.
    SMP3 - Not opened yet.
    SMP4 - Not opened yet.
    SMP5 - Not opened yet.
    SMP6 - Not opened yet.
    SMP7 - Not opened yet.
    SMP8 - Not opened yet.
    SMP9 - Not opened yet.
    Utopia - Not opened yet.


    salesman200 - Head Manager/Owner
    tedrocker - General Manager

    Would you like to be an employee? PM me in-game or on-site!


    I don't get it.

    Toss things away in the hoppers if you don't want them, and go to the teleport pads to buy random items at a fixed price of 7r/item.

    What if I want to get rid of tons of dirt/wheat/whatever?

    While Dirt, Wheat, Iron, Sugar Cane and some others are okay since they're filtered out anyways, try to refrain from tossing in large quantities of item to keep the experience great for all!

    Are there any other ways to get here?

    Yes! Type /v +omt or /v +onemanstrash to get here in a flash.

    What if I see a ton of items (like, more than a couple stacks) and hate buying them all?

    Report it to me if I'm online, or send a /mail (or on-site mail) if I'm not! If it's more than 3 stacks or so, I'll get rid of the items to keep it simple.

    What is the color of fish?

    Syntax error. Please try again with a valid question.

    I've got another question, or want to tell you about something!

    So post it in the replies! I'm open for constructive criticism, new ideas, and comments.

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