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  1. DirtX is currently not accepting new orders.

    Hello EMC and welcome to my thread! *Laughs Maniacally*

    I will be offering a digging service that will dig out your res for cheap! The info is below.

    1-3 layers - ~1 day - 600r/layer

    4-10 layers - 2 days - 550r/layer

    11-20 layers - 3 days - 500r/layer

    21-63 layers - ~1-2 weeks - 475r/layer

    Full res (64 blocks) - ~2 weeks - 28,800r [Best Deal!]

    Prices per layer on Utopia are 3x. 25% discount!

    I will also charge .2r per block for a specific area. This can be adjusted (25x25x10, etc.)

    Wilderness/Wastelands - .75r per block (includes air). Custom size available. Time TBD. I will keep mined materials.

    Nether - 1r/block - Time TBD

    *If I go above the estimated time, I will knock off 10%. Does not include 1-3 layers or wild/waste/nether offers. Time is from when I start digging.

    Send me a PM here with the following format:

    Title: <Name>'s Order - DirtX

    <Size of area>
    <Server and Res #>

    We will match any* competitor's price!
    *Must be a real service. Trying to fake will result in a ban of the service.

    You must cancel before I accept your order. Cancelling after I have started will result in payment of what I have done so far.

    Thank you and I look forward to your rupees orders.
  2. Changes to original thread:

    Seemed to forget Utopia.
    Prices per layer are 3x. 25% discount!

    Deleted the part about the beacon.
  3. This business looks really cool. I'll look into it and probably have an order in the future :D
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  4. Thanks. I'm looking forward to it!
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  5. Could you dig out, say, Half a res, too?
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  6. Of course.
    I will also charge .2r per block for a specific area. This can be adjusted.
  7. This is a great service! I will definitely order soon.
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  8. Same. I will probably order soon!
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  9. if it is in the wild who gets all the mined items?
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  10. Haven't really thought about it. But if the buyer wants, I'll give them to them.
  11. cool, might have to send you an order, but it is really big and expensive.
  12. I *might* be offering vouchers soon... but by expensive do you mean the town prices or the amount of land you want cleared in the wild/nether?
  13. i calculated it to be 187k for the whole job.
  14. Hmm... PM me and maybe we can arrange something.
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  15. How much per chunk 20k away from spawn?
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  16. Down to bedrock? I'll say ~3,840r.
  17. Ok. And also how much would it cost to clear out y=11 and y= 12 in like a 500 by 500 area?
  18. 93,750r. I also know what you're doing! According to my math, you would earn around a SC of diamonds... you would barely pay yourself back.

    I am in the process of changing prices in the wild from .75r/block to a mere .1875r/block!
  20. Currently awaiting confirmation for one order. Tomorrow is open! Send your orders now!