**(Service)** DC's Of Stone!!!

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  1. Hey Guys!!
    6k Per Double Chest!
    Need stone? I will be selling stone, This is a service, Please place an order!
    Orders do not take long at all.
    To place an order, Please comment below Saying:

    How many Dc's:
    What Smp You want it Delivered Too:

    Thanks guys!
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  2. 10 DCs please. 60k total.

    I can make some chests on my utopia res or pickup.
  3. 2 DC. 12k.


    Where pick up, how pay?
  4. Oh, brilliant. I'll buy 2dcs! Will need it at /v wickeddeathbat on /smp9 but won't be on for another 10ish hours. Can pay you and set up chests for you then. :)