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  1. Hi peeps, I decided to take my love of killing endermen and zombie pigmen to farm exp to another level. So how this works is, you fill out a form, and I'll basically make the armor or tools for you at a price. You can request a name for it and ask for me to add on any enchantments you desire. I will also have supporter (and staff c:) discounts.


    Form: http://goo.gl/forms/0p0Ffxnj4s

    My prices are final, I will not raise or lower ANYTHING (unless I see the need to).

    Full set of Iron Armor (unenchanted): 10r
    Full set of Diamond Armor (unenchanted): 1,570r
    Diamond Helmet (unenchanted): 310r
    Diamond Chestplate (unenchanted): 500r
    Diamond Leggings (unenchanted): 480r
    Diamond Boots (unenchanted): 280r

    ALL Iron weapons/tools (unenchanted): 5r each
    Diamond Hoe (unenchanted): 215r
    Diamond Axe (unenchanted): 270r
    Diamond Sword (unenchaned): 215r
    Diamond Pickaxe (unenchanted): 270r
    Diamond Shovel (unenchanted): 99r

    -Power IV: 400r
    -Power V: 1,750r
    -Infinity I: 450r
    -Flame II: 1,200r
    -Punch II: 1,100r
    -Unbreaking III (All tools/weapons/armor): 1,200r

    -Protection IV: 2,300r
    -Fire Protection IV: 2,300r
    -Blast Protection IV: 2,300r
    -Projectile Protection IV: 2,300r
    -Thorns III: 1,500r
    -Aqua Affinity I (Helmets only): 800r
    -Respiration III (Helmets only): 1,000r
    -Feather Falling IV (Boots only): 1,000r
    -Depth Strider III (Boots Only): 1,500r
    -Unbreaking III (All tools/weapons/armor): 1,200r

    -Sharpness V: 1,500r
    -Bane of Arthropods V: 1,000r
    -Knockback II: 700r
    -Fire Aspect II: 750r
    -Looting III: 1,250r
    -Unbreaking III (All tools/weapons/armor): 1,200r

    -------------------Other Tools---------------------------
    -Efficiency V: 2,000r
    -Silk Touch I (Pickaxes, Axes, and Shovels only): 750r
    -Fortune III (Pickaxes, Axes, and Shovels only): 1,500r
    -Unbreaking III (All tools/weapons/armor): 1,200r

    --------------------Fishing Rods---------------------------
    -Unbreaking III (All tools/weapons/armor): 1,200r
    -Luck of the Sea III: 1,000r
    -Lure III: 1,000r

    -Iron Supporter: (5% off total cost)
    -Gold Supporter: (8% off total cost)
    -Diamond Supporter: (15% off total cost)
    -Staff Member: (50% off total cost)
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  2. I'll take 40 sets of unenchanted diamond armor. I'll pay 40k when the armor is ready.
  3. I'll take 10 sets of unenchanted diamond armor. Also, are the armor enchantment prices per piece of armor or for the whole set?
  4. I will also take 10 sets of unenchanted armor. I believe my total will be 9,500?
  5. Did you guys not notice the form? :p
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  6. I did, but I had already replied and submitting the request twice would create confusion :p
  7. I submitted my response :)
  8. I figured that submitting the form wouldn't be very helpful when it doesn't ask for your IGN...
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  9. This

    Also make my order 30 sets.
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  10. I'll take
    2 sets in enchanted diamond armor.
    1 un enchanted diamond sword
    And 1 fire aspect II diamond sword

    1900 total
  11. Made a Response. :)
  12. Guys - the form doesn't ask for your name. That's why we are posting on the thread..
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  13. Oh my, that's what I forgot. I'll fix it ASAP. It was 3am last night, I probably did a lot of things wrong out of tiredness.
  14. Sending you PM now with an offer, it could help your business out greatly :)
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  15. I think I put my name somewhere in the form.
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  16. I am very sorry to say this, but if it's not too much trouble, I'd like SOME of you who have sent a form in to resubmit it, so I know who you guys actually are (unless you put your name into the form already). Totally my mistake, and I apologize for it.
  17. I am letting ww2fan168 take the reins of the service, I looked at my schedule further and I have no way I can get on as much as I do on the weekends. I'll still come back and check in some times.
  18. Is my order getting fulfilled?
  19. I didn't get it. Is the service still going on? Should we all submit the form either way?