[Service] Crafters Building Service!

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  1. Crafter31211's Building service.

    Previous Work Examples:
    /v 8909 smp4
    /v 9111 smp4
    /v 9300 smp4
    /v 9990 smp4 (currently under construction)
    /v 12002 dpfloor1 smp6
    /v 15988 Smp7 (Purple House)
    /v 2018 smp1

    10 By 10 by 10 -10k
    15 by 15 by 15 - 30k
    20 by 20 by 20 - 60k
    30 by 30 by 30 -100k
    40 by 40 by 40- 250k
    50 by 50 by 50- 400k
    60 by 60 by 60 - 500k

    Note: Prices are just rough estimates. Real price will be decided after the true Dimension are decided.

    Current builds
    1. Shnyff
    2. NathanRP
    3. Evil Toad

    Note: I will not supply the materials for the build.

    Everything larger than a 20 by 20 will be built in SP first then EMC.

    How to Order:
    Send me a Pm Containing the rough dimensions what you want to look like
    ( Pictures help )
    Where you want it done and how fast do you need it done.

    Disclaimer: Prices are off dimensions and and it does not matter what SMP it's on all prices will be the same even on Utopia.
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  2. Bump Allicantos build is done is at 15988!
    (Purple house)
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  3. great service
    it was really fast and i'm happy with the build :D
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  4. Bump!
    I Build to fit any needs!