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Favorite meat?

Steak 30 vote(s) 45.5%
Pork 2 vote(s) 3.0%
Chicken 18 vote(s) 27.3%
Lamb 2 vote(s) 3.0%
Seafood 6 vote(s) 9.1%
Lobster 6 vote(s) 9.1%
I'm vegetarian :P 2 vote(s) 3.0%
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  1. Hello everyone!
    Are you planning on beginning a building project and you need a lot of a kind of block?
    Here you can order an SC or DC of a kind of block! Some examples/prices are listed below.
    If the block your looking for isn't here, ask me if I will supply it. We think of ourselves as the most organized and professional supply business out there! Notice that everything you see here is cheaper than AlarmGoesBeep's bulk supply AND Mizzo12's Bulk supply.(As of 7/6) Please read the whole OP!

    Cobblestone: DC 1.5k SC 750r
    Stone: DC 2.9k SC 1.45k
    Glass: DC 5k SC 2.5k
    Brick Block: DC 15k SC 7.5k
    Wool: DC 4k SC 2k
    Packed Ice: DC 19k SC 9.5k
    Mycelium: DC 15k SC 7.5k
    Oak Log: DC 3.9k SC 1.95k
    Jungle Log: DC 4.9k SC 2.45k
    Acacia Log DC 13k SC 6.5k
    Birch Log: DC 5k SC 2.5k
    Dark Oak Log: DC 5k SC 2k
    Pine Log: DC 5.9k SC 2.45k
    Snow Block: DC 4k SC 2k
    Endstone: DC 6k SC 3k
    Sand: DC 1.9k SC 950r
    Sandstone: DC 6k SC 3k
    Red Sand DC 3k SC 1.5k
    Hardened Clay: DC 4k SC 2k
    Any dyed clay found in a mesa: DC 5k SC 2.5k
    Obsidian: DC 40k SC 20k

    Random discount of the day*! This discount is for 7/26
    Discount today: 5% for people with a vote streak higher than 50.
    Staff members always get 5% off their order or free delivery.
    *note By a day I mean a the day Pacific Time ( 3 hours behind Eastern).

    It's only me and Jake so, thank you for your patience! :D
    Max order is 10 DCs.Pick-up is on smp5 res 10695 Auction House teleporter.

    Please fill in order here. Not in a PM

    Drop everything and do my order now (D.E.A.D.M.O.N.) Fee: +10% of total cost. Usually we move down the line getting orders done (with a couple exceptions) but by agreeing to pay a little extra money you can have us focus only on your order until it's done even if it's at the bottom of the line. :D
    Order Form:

    Total Discount: (Just type Not Applied if the Daily discount does not apply to your order) This is so I can check your math.
    Total Price:
    Would you like your order in 2 parts?: This is if you want half when half is done and another half when that half is done, Yes/No question. This might be a good I idea for big orders.
    D.E.A.D.M.O.N: Yes/No

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  2. How much would a dc of quartsblocks cost?
  3. I promised myself never to go after quartz after I died with an SC of blocks... twice.
    And yes I know that's a very key thing in a supply business but I do almost all else, except for glowstone.
    sorry for the inconvenience!:(
  4. Dont worry about it, I understand
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  5. Would you like orders here or PM ?
  6. Also how big an order are you willing to accept ?
  7. Here is fine.
    How big do you want O.O
  8. 100 dcs of cobble.
  9. O.O let's cap it at 25 DCs and if I come to a point where I have no orders I will work on it. EDIT: what the heck are you building?
  10. That's why I asked how big lol. I'll buy as many as you can make at 1k a dc. Let me know when and where is pickup and I'll pick up once a week ?
  11. 1 Sc of packed ice
    Will pay when I get on
  12. Could I help?
  13. Hey! My order is first! I sent it through PM before you xD
  14. Was it before mine also ?
  15. :L
  16. Yes! I just got bombarded with like an order of 60 DCs of items!
    We can talk about work hours/pay/etc later I kinda have to get off the computer for the rest of the day, we'll talk tomorrow!
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  17. I mean I asked for 100 myself.
  18. Okay.
  19. I guess I'll leave a spot on my res and you can check if they are full once a week or so.
  20. I changed the max order to 25 DCs per 3 weeks.
    I will just automatically renew your thing 4 times every 3 weeks. Don't worry you'll get it but once I go through 25 I need to help the next person. ;)
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