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  1. Hey EMC!

    I decided to start a service for people. It's with any kind of clay or stained clay. I know I got my mall, but I need more rupees =P

    Pickup is at /smp4 at /v 9239


    120r = 1 stack
    DC = 4k
    SC = 2k

    ( tell me if I'm wrong and I'll fix it)

    The most DC's I can do is 2 DC's of clay.

    Please enter your order like this:

    White stained clay
    [total price

    white stained clay
    SC orange stained clay
    [total price]

  2. Do the different colors have different prices or no?
  3. both. but not clay to make bricks
  4. So are you selling clay balls or clay blocks?
  5. So are you just selling hardened clay? Because I would buy a ton of the not hardened ones
  6. just hardened, sorry
  7. White Stained Clay
    Amount: One SC
    Price: 2k
    Total Price: 2k

    (I know this isn't your template, but it looks so beautiful!!!:oops:)
  8. k. Will be working on the order.