[Service] Cheap Smelting!!!

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  1. Hi EMC I will cook any amount of items but with a cost...
    The Prices
    1 DC = 1400r
    1 SC = 700r
    And so on such as 2 DC's = 2800r
    So yea have a great day :D
  2. Wow, way cheaper than jacob5089's!
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  3. How does 2 DC's equal 6K? Shouldn't it equal 4.8K?
  4. Sorry forgot when I edited prices and yes your right
  5. woh... seriously? people pay money to smelt stuff?
  6. Could because then they don't have to get all the coal and stuff
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  7. Ehhh.. it's a good convenience, but it's basically charging 11r per coal piece. It's a good back-up when you're rich, but I'd prefer self-smelt :p

    EDIT: Did my math wrong, it's actually 5.6r per coal.
  8. :p coal is 8r a piece right?
  9. It is? Gold is that price...
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  10. 2r per piece at 19000 (Just a clarification on coal prices).
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