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  1. Hello, My name is Ben, AKA Mercenaries2009, and I'm here today to tell you about CEO Corporation

    Me and some of my friends are offering Building, Construction, Resource, and Financial Support to those who need. We also offer assistance to any new player in the server.

    You can learn more about our services HERE!

    If you have interest or have any question contact me or any of my friends


    Thank You!
  2. Wilderness builds?
  3. Deppending where, when, and how much you are paying, Yes.
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  4. I could use help with an in-town build if you have some skill. I could do the bulk of the work and pay I just need help with some design.
    I am building a 4-res entertainment center which will include games like sports, gambling, prize games, and general shenaniganery. I had a specific vision, but all my attempts have failed.

    Also, hendeboss is building a golf course that could use some wool if you're sponsoring things in that way.
  5. Sure, we can work with that. I would contact Ultimate_GG for this kind of stuff. But I'm also avaible. Just hop to SMP7 and gimme a shout.
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  6. Just gonna comment here to mention that if you need designing, I'm the person to PM. Mercenaries is usually just the builder/supplier. If you have a specific vision just tell me about it, I'll sketch something up, and we'll get to building.
  7. That website, so smooth and pretty...
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  8. What do you mean "financial support?"