[Service] Caden672's Building Company EST. 5/5/2014

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  1. I (caden672) have started a building company.
    I build anything from houses to malls to shops.
    All you need to do is PM (please only pm me on the website thanks!) me.

    Price Range 2k-2 Million (2 mil lol probably will never happen)

    What to PM me?Width
    Max. Hieght
    Materials you want used (will affect price)
    What type of building you want.

    What I will PM you.
    ETA of building completion
    If i can do it
    When I want the payment

    When I PM you price I would like half upfront and the other half after completion(unless i have to buy supplies)
    Prices vary on building dimensions, building type and whether you buy the supplies or i buy the supplies.
    Do I need workers?
    Yes, I will be recruiting soon
    Can we see pictures of already made buildings not built for a player?
    No, because i have no idea how to take a screenshot.
    Any customers that would like to share one of my creations post it on this thread! :D

    One more thing, i am based out of smp4 so if you know of any good priced shops/malls tell me!
    I am now adding landscaping as an extra to this service! I don't know how good/bad I am but I will try! Thanks!
  2. Some buildings i have made take way too many screenshots to capture the whole thing(also I don't know how) But here is a list of res's that you can check out some of my work. This will be updated periodically. My phone doesn't let me color it so if some are white and others are colored i will try to update it ASAP.

    18870- Potion shop. Mainly shows my landscaping and not my ability to build.
  3. N
    o pics :p
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  4. How to work for me.
    Step 1: Fill out form
    This is the Form if you would like to work for me.

    Player name:
    How often are you on:
    What is your intent by working for me:
    Favorite building type:
    What era are you best at building:
    Do you know how to use the forum Private Messaging System and how to post on the forum(it is important you know how to use this if you dont, it will damage your chance of getting hired by a lot):

    Copy and Paste the form on a pm and pm it to me. Answer the questions directly from the form.

    Step 2:
    Come to smp4 /v 8396 when i am online and i will have you do a test build to test your field experience and your ability to cope with restrictions.
  5. Please do not post your form on the thread. Please Private Message them. :D Thanks!