[Service :: Buying] Builder/Designer

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  1. What Im looking for :D

    I need a Builder/Designer
    to make me a nice store/mall on smp1
    Theme: Sci-fi
    (yet I want some way to make it easy for players to know what level and category is what)
    How many Res's is this on: Two, right next to each other, they will be combined

    What is Builder/Designer's task:

    • Create a design that I like
    • Collect or give me a price of how much the material is
    • Build the building
    • Set all the tpsigns

    Comment below if you are interested, so we can work out a price. Yes, I care about looks of the store but I also have to be careful on price. So just leave a comment, and I will message you!

  2. What's your max price range?
  3. probably 600k but i do have some resources to get things.